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Steps and Elephant Path :

       Besides climbing up the hill by Ropeway and Winch, there are other two ways viz Steps and Elephant Path. HR & CE department has sanctioned to construct 100 Nilal Mandapams in the elephant path by way of donor. In the elephant path two Nilal Mandapams were finished at a cost of Rs.3.7Lakhs, Three mandapams are in progress and Three mandapams are permitted to be constructed.

       Now, the temple administration is going to provide purified water using the reverse osmosis system in the elephant path and steps.

       The temple administration has a proposal to construct an information centre and a Clock Room adjacent to Pathavinayagar Temple.

       To manage the overcrowd of devotees in-front of Pathavinayakar Temple at foot steps during the festivals such as Thaipoosam and Panguni Uthiram, an alternative diversion arrangement has been made through Kumbapisheka Arangam to Elephant Path.

       Similarly a permanent stainless steel Que line with toilet facility has been made in the northern side of the hill (Chinnakumarar Mandapam) at a cost of Rs.1.5 Crores.

       The tonsuring place maintained by temple has been modernized with enhanced hygienic conditions. At present, for the ever _ increasing pilgrims to hair dedication a new tonsuring spot has been additionally established near Pathavinayagar Temple. Thiruavinankudi Temple mudi shed is modernized with Tiled flooring , False Roofing and Air-conditioning facilities.

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