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Panchamirtham :

      Palani Panchamirtham is the oldest form of Jam or Friut mix and preserves very well even for the month And the saying is that "the Olden it s it tastes better", The secret lies as much in the art of preparing it as in the quality of the fruit that is used as the basic ingredient .

     Panchamirtam ,collected after abshishekam, is not only a delicious and nourishing food;But also has astonishing properties which keep it I condition suitable for consumption over a long period , without refrigeration .Youare advised to buy all your requirements from the devasathanam and to transfer the contents to you own containers for proper preservation .Interested Persons May visit the panchamirtam making kitchen in the Devasthanam production unit .The Devasthanam has now made arrangements to manufacture Pancgamirtam by using electrical.

     Panchamirtham is prepared by this temple by mixing of proportionate quantity of Banana , Sugar, Gee, Honey, Seedless Dates , Cardamom and Sugar Candy. It is hygienically prepared and filled by Automatic Machine. Panchamirtham is filled in 1/2 Kg pet jar and laminated tins and sold in different location like Hill Temple, Rope car Station, Winch Station, PathaVinayagar Temple , Thiruaavinankudi Temple and Bus stand Information center.

Sales Office in Hill Temple :

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