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Tonsuring :

       Tonsuring Tonsuring can be done by paying Rs.10/- at the following Tonsuring sheds.

1.Thiruavinankudi Temple mudi shed,
2.Shanmuganathi Mudi Mandapam,
3.Round tana,
4.Near Head Office ,
6.Lower Winch Station,
7.Near Patha Vinayakar Temple,
8.Mudished (Near Devar Statue )

       In the name of hair collecting license, the hair offered by the pilgrims was auctioned by open auction or tender system. In fasli 1418 the tender amount was less than the previous year, so the temple itself collected the hairs and sold it directly.

       During Thai Poosam, the pilgrims from Edappadi offer their hair on the river bank at Manoor to a large extent. To collect the hair of the large number of the pilgrims, for the first time, temporary tonsuring sheds have been established at Manoor river bank. The temple administration provides food to tonsuring labourers with temple license. It is done to avoid waiting of the by pilgrims for a long time and also to prevent the out side tonsuring labours from tonsuring and collectig hair unauthorizedly.

       Free dharshan facility is offered to every hair offering woman and to one member along with her.

       The tonsuring place maintained by temple has been modernized with enhanced hygienic conditions. At present, for the ever _ increasing pilgrims to hair dedication a new tonsuring spot has been additionally established near Pathavinayagar Temple. Thiruavinankudi Temple mudi shed is modernized with Tiled flooring , False Roofing and Air-conditioning facilities.

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