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Special Features :

Sannathi (Sanctum) :

       A Wooden Ramp system with SS Que line is provided at Sannathi to have a free dharsan of Lord Muruga and entrance door is widened from 3.5 ft to 7 ft facilitating the devotees coming through free entrance, to have a darshan without any hindrance. Air Conditioning facility with capacity of 35 Ton is provided in Mahamandapam area. Surveillance camera arrangement is also been fitted in sannathi for security purpose.

AngaPrathatchanam :

       Angaprathatchanam in hill temple is carried out in outer pragaram of the temple which is about 450 mts. It is very difficult for the devotees to carry out the Angaprathatchanam in the outer praharam. So, as desire by devotees, the temple authorities decided to allow the devotees to undertake Angaprathatchanam in the inner pragaram and it was started on 14.09.2009.

Purified Drinking Water :

       For the devotees visiting Hill Temple, temple has installed two reversible Osmosis systems with the capacity of 700 litres per Hour and 350 litres per Hour and necessary water taps are provided at various locations like Annathana Mandapam, Que Lines, Inner and Outer Praharams to provide purified water.

Viboothi Services:

       Two Viboothi Prasatham packing machines have been installed at a cost of Rs.5.70 Lakhs, viboothi is packed in Small paper pouch and being distributed to the devotess visiting the hill temple.

RO Plant System :

      Latest RO plant has been installed in hill temple with the following specification ,750 LPH, 350 LPH and 1000 LPH R.O System to provide purified hygienic water’s devotees and currently distributed 30 points.
      In Elephant path way to the hill temple also 1000 LPH R.O System is installed and quality purified water is distributed to devotees in the 34 water distributed points.