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Annadhana Scheme :

Annadhanam more details

       Annadhanam Scheme was launched in this temple on 23.3.2002. Susequently the scheme was extended in three sub-temples, Arulmigu Periyanayaki amman Temple - Palani , Arulmigu Kurinji Aandavar Temple-Kodaikanal and Arulmigu Kulanthai Velappar Temple- Oddenchathram. The Donor may participate in this scheme by investing Rs.20000/- and from the interest of this investment every year Annathanam is given to 100 persons on any one day the donor decides, or the donor may participate in this scheme by giving Rs.2000/- for a particular day for Annathanam to 100 persons.

       Now the annathanam is being hygienically prepared by Steam Vessel System and the annathanam is served to devotees using tables and chairs.

       Annathanam Mandapam of size 130 X 33 Ft is being extended by donors at a cost of Rs.93/- Lakhs. It is also proposed to constructed another Floor over the above extended mandapam at a cost of Rs.1 Crore by donor.

Member to be permitted per day

Approximately 4500

Cost per day

Approximately Rs.95000

Cost per leaf

Approximately Rs.21.94