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Chariot's :

Golden Chariot :

     Golden Chariot is at the Hill Temple and it has been made using 4.730 Kg of Gold and 63.000Kg of Silver. This Golden Chariot was donated on 17.8.1947 by Thiru V.V.C.R.Murugesa Mudaliar of Erode. The Fee for the Thangaratha Ula (Golden Chariot Procession) is Rs.2,000/,for which two members are allowed. The Golden Chariot procession is held on every day, except on Festival days (ThaiPoosam -4days, Panguni Utharam 4Days,Navarathiri -10days,Soorasamharam-1day and Deepa Kirthigai - 1 day)

Silver Chariot :

     This Chariot is at Arulmigu Periyanayagi Amman temple one of the subtemples and it was donated in the year 1939 by Thiru Ummudi Ramaiah Chetty and Gurusamy Chetty & Co., of Chennai. The weight of the Chariot is 713.725kg The silver Chariot is drawn only on 6th day of ThaiPoosam Festival , 6th day of Panguni Utharam festival , Chirtra Pournami and last Adi Friday .

Wooden Chariot :

     Three Wooden Chariots are at Arulmigu Periyanayagi Amman Temple and one chariot is at Poomparai Temple, Kodaikanal. Wooden Chariots' procession are conducted only on ThaiPoosam, Panguni Utharam, Vaikasi Visakam and for Mari Amman festival.